The Food

We have paid extra attention to this department because we are gourmet! We love delicious, pure, fresh food. The fish is very fresh from the fishing boats of Aliki. As typical islanders, we absolutely have to offer the best to our company to please them and – why not – to impress them!

That’s why whatever we serve on the boat is chosen with very strict criteria:

  • Vegetables picked from either our own garden or from a friend farmer’s who grows organic vegetables
  • The cheese comes from local producers from Paros.
  • The wine is bottled, produced from organic crops. We select the kind that goes with seafood for a complete savour experience

The main course is usually fish or cuttlefish with pasta. If you are allergic to seafood or a vegetarian, please, let us know at least a couple of days prior to your scheduled cruise so that we can alter the menu.

The food is prepared on the boat or home-cooked while you are enjoying the sun and the swim in the crystal clear waters of our island.

Swimming has whetted your appetite? Steaming freshly cooked dishes are waiting for you at the table! The table (point of gathering on the boat) can accommodate 15 people and is surrounded by a comfortable couch.

Healthy appetite and … cheers

A few of our delicacies

  • Mama’s rice wrapped in vine leaves
  • Salted bonito
  • Anchovy in vinegar
  • Pasta with cuttlefish
  • Fish soup (bouillabaisse)
  • Shellfish
  • Chickpeas cooked in traditional wood burning oven
  • …. and many more surprises.