* In greek = Friends hanging around, bonding, sharing and laughing.

Join our 7 hours traditional boat tour &

live the best Paros activity with a small group of travellers.


the hidden caves of Mastichari – rocky whity formations with secret entrances.


the best meal of your vacation (according to our TripAdvisor reviews). Fresh, organic, local food and drinks, with unlimited consumption.


or just float in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon sea lake! All equipment of the photo provided (but the partner!).


the (almost exclusive) open-air museum of Despotiko and the huge temple of Apollo and Hestia.

Cliff jump

into the clearest navy blue waters of the Aegean!


and feel the liberating power of the greek sea (yes, it’s different from the others!).

Visit a ksoklísi

or two. Small white-blue orthodox churches in the middle of the sea.

Check in

at the NATURA 2000 protected areas (ecological network in the EU).


and enjoy a glass of wine, the breeze, the sea music and the chirping of the seabirds.


with nature and with your loved ones. Be present. Make each moment of your vacation count.


100% fresh, organic, home & boat-made delicious food!


All the places you’ll visit are only accessible by boat.


A 5 stars, exclusive & intimate experience!

The itinerary mainly depends on the weather conditions on the day of the cruise, but here is our favorite one.

Insider’s tip:

Plan your boat trip during the first days of your vacation, to avoid missing it in case of bad weather, low or high participation.


Adults 170€, Children 120€

* children 5-10 years old
* there is also a fee of 5.3% related to the online transaction

Number of passengers

The Paréa Cruise is NOT a massive, touristic, self service experience with plastic plates and forks that break when you try to catch the cherry tomato.

We are accepting the 60% of the boat’s capacity (with a max of 20 passengers) and we make sure that everyone has their place on the couch, the table, the shadow etc. and feeling comfortable all day long.

Both of our boats are traditional wooden caiques and they only differ in size. A minimum of 6 travellers is needed for this cruise to take place. In case of lower participation, we’ll contact you in order to reschedule your trip or fully refund you.

What's included

  • A full traditional, organic meal
    (salads, appetizers, main courses, fruits, and dessert)
  • Unlimited consumption of drinks
    (water, beverages, local wine, beer.)
  • Fun floatation equipment for everyone
  • Sun-mattresses
  • Pillows
  • WC

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel for personal reasons, up to 15 days prior to the cruise, you get a full refund. Otherwise, the deposit money is kept as compensation.

We are sailing with winds up to 6 Beaufort. In case of bad weather conditions, the captain has the obligation to cancel the cruise. We announce the cancellation, 1-2 days before the cruise, by email or phone (or both). In some rare cases, we reserve the right to inform you on the same day of the cruise. In case of cancellation due to weather conditions you can: reschedule the cruise if possible or get a full refund of your money.
If the day is windy but no more than 6 beaufort, the captain will change the itinerary and the cruise will take place. All itinerary changes are planned in order for you to be safe and feel comfortable, while still enjoying your cruise and not missing it. This is a firm obligation we have towards you and a commitment to the travelers that trust us.

Minimum number of passengers
A minimum of 6 travelers is needed for this cruise to take place. In case of lower participation, we’ll inform you 1-2 days before the cruise to re-schedule your trip or (if not possible) fully refund you.

Useful info about your cruise

  • 7 hours duration (from 10am to 5pm)
  • departs from Aliki harbor, Paros
  • swimming stops of 30- 45 minutes each
  • 2 hours to explore the archaeological site and have lunch
  • crew of 2
  • places are limited because we admit 60% of the boat’s capacity
Kyra K
Kyra K
3 October 2023
Once in a lifetime experience. Such a good boat trip! We went to several beautiful spots to swim and the water was so clear and blue. I saw so many fish in the water. Met lots of cool people on the boat. Loved the local wine that was offered. And the homemade lunch was delicious! I would recommend this trip to everyone.
Lola M
Lola M
28 September 2023
Journée inoubliable ! Journée inoubliable ! Accueil très chaleureux. Tout était parfait : croisière sublime et arrêt baignade dans des criques turquoises... De plus, apéritif, repas et goûter copieux et excellents ! Malgré le fait que nous parlions très peu l’anglais, nous avons été très bien intégrés. Merci beaucoup!!!!
Michelle T
Michelle T
25 September 2023
The BEST cruise I am almost OCD when it comes to vacation planning. Before I pick any vendor for any tour, I read all of their reviews. And even though Michael Zeppos leaves from Aliki Port, which is about 25-30 minutes from Naousa, I was convinced that they were the best option. And they did not disappoint. Yes, we did deviate from the itinerary on their website due to winds. But we still had an amazing time - and I feel like every one else on our cruise felt the same way. First of all, the crew was fantastic. Super nice, super hard working, and just amazing all around. The boat is comfortable and so clean. My husband and I opted to sit in the front of the boat for the entire day and it was amazing. The entire front section is padded so I was able to lay out all day. We were taken to amazing swim spots, where we both felt comfortable swimming with the provided noodles. And don't even get me started on the food. They legit cooked up a 3 course meal with a variety of appetizers, a main course of orzo and tuna, and dessert. They also fed us a cheese board earlier in the day as well as a fruit platter an hour or two after lunch. Wine and soft drinks were free flowing all day. We were all SO impressed that they actually cooked us a meal onboard. Later on, as we were on our way back to our hotel, our driver mentioned that Michael Zeppos might just be the best on the island. And I am inclined to agree.
16 September 2023
Spectacular day on the sea in Paros! If you are staying in Paros you need to take a day cruise with Michael Zeppos! We had a wonderful day on the water cruising around Paros, stopping at some spectacular swimming spots and enjoying delicious authentic Greek food cooked on the boat and served with wine made by Michael Zeppos . It was a small group of all ages and nationalities, great conversations and fun! A highlight of our trip to Paros!!
10 September 2023
The best! We had so much fun on this boat tour! We stopped at several beautiful locations to swim and the homemade food was delicious. Absolutely recommend!
miranda S
miranda S
7 September 2023
Zeppos fir the best semi private cruise ever Zeppos cruise is absolute fantastic, I go on it every time I visit Paros as it’s a super whole day out at sea, with drinks and food. The captain and his mate Irene are super, the captain is great and would never take you to sea if the weather wasn’t safe enough to go. I highly recommend this trip, he also does a sunset cruise which I will do another year. Xxxx Miranda
Morgan P
Morgan P
24 August 2023
AMAZING! My husband and I did this boat tour on our honeymoon in Paros and it was amazing! We were looking for a higher end tour that wasn't a bunch of boozy teenagers on a cramped boat. This was absolutely speculator, lots of room, food/booze and the people on the tour were a blast. Crew was so kind and fun. Probably the highlight of being in Paros. If you are thinking of doing this tour absolutely do it!
Claudia H
Claudia H
23 August 2023
A wonderful day Wonderful day with amazing vues and food. Don’t forget to bring your sandals and your scuba diving equipment because it is really worth it.
Lucy C
Lucy C
22 August 2023
One of the most magical days ever Thank you to Captain Dimitris, Elena, and team for an absolutely magical day! The scenery was incredible, we visited so many beautiful spots for swimming and enjoyed a truly delicious lunch. We felt so special and cared for and it was truly the highlight of our holiday (or even the year!). We would recommend this trip to anyone - you will have one of the best days of your life.
Carolina C
Carolina C
19 August 2023
Consigliatissimo Abbiamo fatto una gita semi privata ed e’ stato tutto perfetto. Ottimi servizi, pranzo incredibile, location meravigliose. Il capitano è’ molto simpatico e affidabile. Selezione musicale super!

The most delicious meal you’ll have on the island.


“One of the best meals we had in Greece”, says Stevan.


“…the food was absolutely delicious: the best meal we had during our week in Greece.”, Jennie.


TripAdvisor travellers praise Michael Zeppos food experience! But, why?


We’ re Greeks! We love cooking, eating, feeding our guests, drinking wine, clinking the glass and shouting “yiá mas” (=cheers) every 3-5 minutes. 

And we’ re Parians! So…no frozen food on our watch! You’ re about to taste the real deal, the Parian gastronomy!

Fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables and fruits, regional mezédes, sweets, salads and main courses that you can’t find anywhere else! 

All ingredients comes from the sea or our garden.  Captain’s mother, Stavroula, prepare part of the menu with her secret family recipes and the rest is being prepared by us, in front of you.

Just imagine the smell of the fresh fried onion tickling your nose while swimming in the Aegean!

Wine is local & organic, from Moraitis winery.

Why choose a traditional wooden boat trip instead of other options?

Would you book a gondola in Venice or choose another water transport? The kaíki (wooden boat) is the gondola of the greek islands. The moment you hop into it you’ re becoming a part of it’s story. It’s not about speed or power. It’s about connecting with nature. You’re gonna love it!

Why do you depart from Aliki and not from Naoussa or Parikia?

We’ve tested a lot of itineraries over the past 11 years and we found that departing from Aliki gives you a precious extra time to spend in the actual cruise stops. Less time travelling at the open sea. More time swimming and sightseeing. It’s also the best way to avoid local winds during our way back so you don’t get sick.

Is this activity suitable for kids?

Kids love Michael Zeppos boat trips! They feel free, connected to nature, adventurous! The boat is safe for kids and the food is 100% organic and homemade. While the activity is safe even for newborns (if baby’s exposure in the sun is allowed), we’d advise you to book the Private Sunset Dinner Cruise if you are travelling with kids up to 3 years. Because 7 hours of sun and sea can easily overwhelm or sunstroke your little ones, even if there are at the shadow or under the tent. If that’s your case, you may want to check out our Private Sunset Dinner Cruise, by clicking here.

What should I bring with me in the boat?

We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need, but your personal items. This is a 7 hours sea sun activity so be sure you carry your hat and sunblock (Very very important if you don’t want to turn purple!)! 

You may also want to bring: swimming flippers, your book/kindle, an action camera or a drone (!), medicines, or other personal and hygiene products.

Important! Please, bring your positive energy, your locura and that vacation feeling that only travellers have!

Can I bring my own drinks or food and have a discount?

We’re committed to give you the best day of your vacation plus the best meal that you’ll have on Paros (and maybe Greece). So no discount is possible for such an offering. If you have specific diet instructions or allegies, please inform us 2 days before the cruise to change the menu. 

Last year I took a competitive cruise that also claimed to be “semi private” and we were packed like sardines. Is this your vision of “semi private cruise”?

Noooooo!!! We are crystal clear about what “semi private cruise” means: Υou’ re sharing the boat with other travellers, and still have your seat on the table, the shade, the couch and private space! You won’t have to sit on the floor because of an overbooking! You won’t have to fight to catch food! Or even small talk if you don’t want to. Paréa is a shared tour, but still luxurious and comfortable.

I’ve found a competitive cruise way cheaper than yours. Why is that and why to choose yours?

Have you heard that “You get what you pay for”? Don’t you think this is absolutely true in all economic transactions you ever had? And, of course, completely understandable due to the cost of products and services? Having the best ingredients for you and your friends to consume, keeping groups small and tight so that everyone feels comfortable and safe every moment and providing a deluxe travelling experience is a choice (and cost more).

I’m not a huge sea fan / I’m not a great swimmer. Should I stay at the hotel?

Of course not! Michael Zeppos boat is large and comfortable, with a cozy couch and an awning for fresh shade. So, if you’re not a huge sea fan, you can still have fun with many ways! Bring your kindle and sunblock. Pillows and wine provided! 

If you hesitate to swim because you don’t trust your swimming skills, we’ve got your back! With a life vest and the floating equipment provided, you’re gonna feel safe and have fun like everyone else (if you want to, of course)!

The best day trip!

I can’t begin to say how perfect and special this day was!

A must do if you are going to Paros Island.”

Pam G

TripAdvisor review

A must-do Paros and Antiparos activity!

100% authentic, local & delicious experience!

7 hours of sea & sun, great food & real fun!

Book now totally risk free!

Buy your tickets to secure your seat on the cruise and if you can’t travel to Paros

just cancel your reservation 15 days before the cruise and get a full refund!